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Tips For Operating Your Heat Pump

  1. Make sure the filters in the indoor unit are cleaned regularly; (check at least every two months). Failure to do this will result in higher power consumption and less heat output, and may void warranty. If you are unsure how to do this just ask your Property Manager.
  2. Leave the temperature setting at about 21 degrees. It is tempting to put the temperature control up very high to try and heat a room but this is not the most efficient way. It is cheaper to have the lower setting and leave the unit running for the evening or day rather than trying to blast heat into a room at high temperature for short periods of time.
  3. Change batteries in the remote control every year.
  4. When the heat pump is turned on a delay of three minutes may occur before heating starts.
  5. When heating the room use either medium or higher fan speeds, but once warm, reduce fan speed for your comfort.
  6. Heat pumps move air so adjust louvers so air flow is directed away from you.
  7. Heat pumps defrost themselves regularly in frosty conditions. This will be accompanied by a flashing light on the indoor unit. While defrosting occurs, the fan will turn off & no heating will take place for approximately ten minutes. It will restart automatically.
  8. No maintenance is required to the outdoor unit, however make sure vegetation is cut back to allow good ventilation around unit.
  9. The temperature of the air coming out of the heat pump will range from lukewarm to hot depending on the room temperature. This is normal.