Tenants looking for Rental Homes in Nelson and Richmond

Tenant KeysAs a tenant you are a valued customer.

Champion Property Management welcomes your enquiries on our available rental properties.

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 Finding a new home isn’t always easy but our aim is to make it as hassle free as we can for you. Check out our range of advertised properties and if you see something you like then give us a call or email us to arrange a viewing. 


What does it cost to rent a property from us?

Upon signing up to a tenancy we require the first week’s rent to be paid in advance, and bond (equivalent to 4 weeks’ rent for the property concerned). The bond is forwarded to the Bond Centre operated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. You will receive written notification from them that it has been received.

What does the term ‘Rent Range’ mean?

Some of our properties are advertised with a rent range. A rent range is a negotiable range of estimated rent within which you can make an offer to rent the property. The highest rent offer does not necessarily get the tenancy as it is more about the best fit of tenant for the property.

We believe the rent for the property lies within the range provided. As a tenant looking at properties you also will have a feel for what is available out there and what rent is fair and reasonable.

The highest offer does not necessarily get the tenancy. We balance your circumstances and offer against other applicants and what would work best for you, the property and the owner.

A rent range also gives you the option of potentially negotiating your special circumstances. For example it may be that the owner of a property is reluctant to have a pet at the property and you may factor in a higher offer if the owner was prepared to accept a pet. We can then talk with the owner and see what can be negotiated.