What We Do

The Trusted Experts in Property Management

Our aim is to make owning a rental property as stress free for you as possible. Whilst we can’t guarantee it will be a perfect journey (we are dealing with human beings, after all!) but through good management, efficient practices and experience we aim to take the stress out of the equation by undertaking the following processes –

Thorough screening of prospective tenants

Experience shows that often those tenants who are not the best quality will not apply for a property through a property manager as they know they will be carefully checked. It is vital that prospective tenants are background checked thoroughly. We have access to some very comprehensive systems to assist us in establishing the suitability of tenants for your property.

Preparing tenancy documentation to ensure your assets are fully protected

A comprehensive understanding of tenancy law is vital to protecting your property. This is an increasingly complex area for Landlords and the devil is in the detail. Many Landlords (and some property managers) use brief tenancy agreements that fail to provide clear boundaries of responsibility thereby leaving Landlords exposed when it comes to enforcing a breach.

Collection of bond money and lodging with the Bond Centre as required by law

Collecting and securing a bond is a vital step in protecting your asset.There are legal requirements around how this is carried out.

Collection of rent and monitoring on a daily basis to ensure payment

Prompt follow-up of rent arrears is essential to prevent small problems becoming big problems.

Conducting inspections of the property on a regular basis and reporting to you any issues identified

Inspections are conducted approximately 1 month after a tenant moves in to ensure things are going as they should be. If all is well, 3-monthly inspections occur thereafter.

Invoicing and collection of monies owed by tenant

This includes things such as recovering money owed for water and should any damage occur that a tenant is liable for. We do not charge for this service.

Arranging any maintenance required and supervising work as required

We have a carefully selected group of tradespeople that we use to carry out maintenance work. We do not add on a fee to the trades-person’s account and so are not interested in the highest charging tradesperson, rather the one that gives the best service for the best price.

Paying out of rent monies at the beginning of the month and issuing a statement

Rent money is paid to your nominated bank account on the first of the month or the first business day following.We also pay out on the 15th of the month if you require it.

Remote Access to your statements

We can provide you with your own password so you can access your statements and invoices at any time without you have to call and arrange for us to send you a copy.

Attendance at the Tenancy Tribunal should it become necessary

Lodging an application, preparation of evidence and attendance at the hearing on your behalf.

Provision of an annual report on income for tax purposes

This is a summary of rent and expenses for each property during the tax year.

Keeping you up to date with the rental market through our social media

Up to date information on what is happening in the local market and items of interest. Please like our Facebook page to be informed of any changes.

Providing professional and timely advice as required for your rental property

Up to date advice and information as required.

Working in with prospective tenant requirements for things such as viewing times to facilitate prompt letting

Fixed viewing times for properties does not always work as tenants are often working themselves, so a property manager has to be flexible enough to fit in with prospective tenants as well.

Inspecting and checking a property when a tenancy ends and ensuring all monies due are paid and the property is ready to re-let

We recover any costs from a tenant that they are liable for and recommend any improvements or maintenance that might be timely to address.

Methamphetamine Testing

We can arrange for methamphetamine testing of your rental property to give you peace of mind.

Keeping Good Records

Good record keeping is an important part of managing a tenancy. Not only are there legal requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 but accurate records are also important in the event of an insurance claim and Tenancy Tribunal hearing. As well as this, accurate records can help reduce disputes around tenancies and the prospect of them escalating to a Tribunal hearing.