Questions To Ask A Property Manager Before You Hire Them!


  1. What is your fee structure?
  2. How many other properties will the person managing my property be managing in total? Some companies load their property managers with up to 120 properties. We believe a reasonable number to be able to deliver quality service is 80 properties.
  3. How often and how do you distribute the income for the client’s bank account?
  4. Do you charge for a rental appraisal, maintenance or repairs? (if the answer is yes then ask how do you justify that when you charge a management fee as well!)
  5. Tenant selection: do you carry out credit checks on potential tenants? And obtain a bond from the tenants for security? How much?
  6. How long do you make leases for?
  7. How easy do you make it for prospective tenants to view a property? (can you accommodate prospective tenants who want to view after business hours and weekends? Do you use an automated system for group bookings or a service tailored to tenants availability)
  8. What is your procedure for dealing with rent arrears?
  9. Do you charge the tenant a letting fee when they sign up for a tenancy?
  10. What are the additional costs? e.g. advertising
  11. How do you handle after-hours emergencies? Our commitment is to personal service and our property managers take calls from tenants after-hours and deal with urgent matters themselves. That way we always know what is happening with your property.